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MAC Gems: Our largest collection of Mid-American Conference memorabilia yet

Plus a bonus Gem!

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I’ve outdone myself this week. 13 items and every school is represented. I’ll be brief because it’s getting late and I haven’t eaten lunch and at least one of these auctions is getting ready to end. Enjoy. Your October 28th MAC Gems:

Ball State Cardinals 1940s Pennant

I think weeks, months, years ago I may have included this in MAC Gems, but if I don’t remember you certainly don’t. I’m a big fan of vintage pennants and have quite a collection myself (Evansville Triplets is my favorite.) This is a very cool offering and the price is right. Your man cave wall decor can get a splash of retro for a twenty dollar bill.

Kent State ‘60s-’70s ‘Candy Striper’ Apron

Click on the link and you’ll see the Kent State patch on the left sleeve. Seller states that the item is in “excellent,” “clean,” and “preowned” condition. I think this is perfect for a female basketball fan ready for the Kent State season to get underway. You can take a step towards becoming a Golden Flashes superfan for $110, though cheaper offers will be heard.

Central Michigan Chippewas Game Used Football Pants

I don’t know if there’s much of a market for collection game used football pants, but if there is not, you should create said market. And it won’t cost you much. The seller states that this item is from the 2012 season, and the pants belonged to #66. If that’s true, they are the pants of former CMU offensive lineman Andy Phillips. Phillips was a good lineman, a damn good lineman, during his time at Central Michigan. The 6-foot-2, 303 pound left guard started 43 straight games for the Chippewas. He was named Second Team All-MAC in 2013 and First Team All-MAC in 2014. Sound good? If so pick up this piece of Central Michigan history for just $18 plus shipping.

Ohio Bobcats Vintage Pennant

I told myself I wasn’t going to include more than one pennant, but this one is just too damn good. Bobcats fans have a lot to celebrate after last night’s 31-26 victory over the Toledo Rockets at the Glass Bowl. Treat yourself on payday with some of this vintage goodness. $49 after shipping is the price tag, but the seller will field offers.

Eastern Michigan Eagles 1970s Bumper Sticker

Buy it. Buy it, buy it, buy it, buy it now. And don’t save it, absolutely slap this on the back of your 2002 Toyota Corolla and proudly declare that you are a part of the Eastern Michigan Eagles football revolution. Sadly that revolution will take a step back with an Election Night loss to the Ball State Cardinals, but do not be deterred in proudly declaring your support of EMU. A ten dollar bill and it’s yours.

Western Michigan Broncos Vintage Ceramic Helmet Bank

The seller states that this is “extremely rare.” I don’t know how rare it is, and neither do they, but I admit I’ve never come across another one. There’s no denying it’s pretty cool and would make a nice addition to the collection of any Western Michigan Broncos fan. It’s pricey though, buy it now for $68 plus shipping.

Toledo Rockets 1978-79 Roster Glass

There’s a lot of sweet vintage Toledo Rockets stuff on eBay, but this is probably my favorite. I love old glasses with rosters and this a glass with an old roster. You’re not mistaken, that is Stan Joplin’s name. If there were a similar Ball State product out there, I’d buy it, and the twenty dollar price tag I think is fair.

Northern Illinois Huskies Vintage Pen

I don’t know if you’ll find this as interesting as I do, but I thought it was worth including. I’ll often defer to cheaper options when scouring eBay for MAC Gems, because let’s be honest, how many people are shelling out hundreds of dollars for a game used something or other? Stuff like this pen I really enjoy finding, particularly when the price is right. This can be had for nine bucks after shipping.

Miami Redskins 1975 Championship Ring

But for those of you who do have hundreds of dollars to shell out, oh my goodness gracious. This is a 1975 Miami Redskins MAC championship ring. This is of course the team that you now know as the RedHawks, the name change would not occur until 1997-98. This ‘75 team finished 11-1 overall and 6-0 in the Mid-American Conference and capped off the season with a 20-7 win over the South Carolina Gamecocks in the Tangerine Bowl. Often the player’s identity is hidden when selling rings like this, but we can clearly see that the bling belonged to “Robinson,” “57.” I always do my best on identifying who the player is, but I’m short on time today. If you know, please comment below, and if I find out, I’ll update this article. If you have $1400 sitting around, it may be gone before then, though.

Bowling Green Falcons Vintage Glasses

I told you I liked these, get off my back. You get pair in this lot, but if you’re interested, the owner is also selling a set of 4 from the 1981 event or a single glass from 1979. The Fourth Annual Blade Glass City Classic featured Bowling Green, Toledo, Northwestern, and Washington. Oddly enough, Bowling Green and Toledo did not play each other in the event. The Falcons lost to Washington 92-62 on December 28th before knocking off Northwestern 79-68 the next day. This pair of glasses has a buy it now price of $16 plus shipping.

Buffalo Bulls Authentic Women’s Volleyball Jersey

It’s awfully rare that an authentic piece like this comes up at such a good price. For the Buffalo Bulls women’s volleyball enthusiast, cheer on the royal blue and white at Alumni Arena in style. This jersey is THIRTEEN DOLLARS buy it now, free shipping, and the seller will STILL hear offers.

Akron Zips Track Suit

Previously used, obviously. It’s a small, so I’m disqualified, but maybe you’re not. Pick this up, wear it often, and be sure to have a story on the ready about how you just missed out on qualifying for the Olympics. 89 bucks after shipping is what it will run you and you had better jump on it now. I just noticed that the auction ends in under an hour.

Eastern Michigan Ypsilanti Pennant

I’ve got nothing to say, but I had to include it. Yes, this is an Eastern Michigan pennant and it’s awesome. $100. Enjoy your weekend.