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Five Things Learned at Eastern Michigan Versus Bowling Green

Eastern Michigan is still a work in progress

Eastern Michigan Football Vs Bowling Green in Pictures
Coach Creighton has exceeded his win total in his first two years but he still has a ways to go
Kenneth Bailey

I graduated from Eastern Michigan years ago. Because of my work on the last blog I shot for, I’ve rediscovered my Eastern Michigan fandom. It’s tough being an Eastern Michigan fan. Every time it looks like they are turning the corner, something happens that changes that. I think Creighton is the right person to turn the corner but I think we need to have some patience.

The return of Pat O’Conner has improved the defense but still...
Kenneth Bailey

The Eastern Michigan Defense is still a work in progress.

After last season, Eastern Michigan fired their defensive coordinator and brought in Neal Neathery. They had pretty good reason to fire him given that they were dead last in run defense after giving up over 300 rushing yards per game. After the first four games, they improved that average to 107 yards. Bowling Green managed to run for over 200 yards in the game yesterday. I think controlling the run is one of the big keys to the game. While that number is nowhere near the numbers they gave up last year, it still could use some improvement.

Bowling Green is not that bad.

There’s a reason why they are the defending MAC Champions. While they lost the game, they still managed to put up 25 points on Eastern Michigan. Given their woes in the first four games of the season, that’s pretty good. I don’t have enough information to make any predictions for the future, but maybe it’s a little brighter.

It’s clear who the starter should be
Kenneth Bailey

Eastern Michigan should stick with Brogan Roback.

Minus the interceptions, I actually like the numbers that Todd Porter has been putting up. I’m not sure if it’s the playcalling or his arm, but it doesn’t seem like he can offer the deep threat. Brogan Roback can. It seemed like the offense got in the groove when Brogan Roback came into the game. I would love to see a way for Creighton to incorporate both of them because I love the wrinkle that Porter brings to the party with his legs.

Bowling Green’s defense still looked awful.

Eastern Michigan managed to put over 200 yards on the ground against them. I think that continued their ground defensive woes.

Celebrating the last touchdown
Kenneth Bailey

It Doesn’t get any easier for Eastern Michigan.

Eastern Michigan faces Toledo at home. Then travels to Ohio followed by a trip to Kalamazoo. I think they can beat the Bobcats but I’m not sure about the other two. It would be great if they can pull a win against Toledo this weekend but it looks tough. At any rate, I will savor where they are right now because it’s been a long time coming.