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2016 MAC Pick’em - Week 6

With rivalry week over, and Buffalo and Toledo set to begin their MAC schedules this week, it’s time for a six-shooter of MACtion

Pick'em Logo Brandon Fitzsimons

It was a great week, wasn’t it? Personally, I missed on Toledo vs BYU (my 1-pt selection) and NIU vs Ball State (my 4-pt game), and still finished in 3rd. Oh, and WMU beat CMU, so all is right in the world. Your winner last week is Tallmidget57 with 63 points!

Full scoring breakdown here.

On to this week!

Bowling Green @ Ohio - Hey, the Bobcats looked like poo against Miami, but we’ll give them a pass for it being a rivalry game. They did hold the RedHawks to just 7 points, so I’m going with them based on the presence of a defense, period.

Miami @ Akron - Zip fans, spare me the "our back-up was not prepared" excuses. You almost lost to Kent State, who put a running-back under center. Whoever at QB this week better be prepared, because Miami can pull this upset (oh, and they almost beat Ohio - the other good East team - with THEIR back-up).

Toledo @ Eastern Michigan - I want to pick Eastern so bad. I do. But I can’t. The coaches poll vote was nice, but it’s back to reality. The Rockets are still team 1B in the conference, despite not being able to play a lick of defense in Provo on Friday night, and will prove it with a curb stomping.

Ball State @ Central Michigan - Oh look, two teams who wildly underperformed against their rivals on Saturday. The Chippewas got blasted by WMU after trying to claim the #1 spot by "beating" Oklahoma State and UNLV (pre-Dalton Sneed), and the Cardinals couldn’t put away NIU (who are now back on top of the MAC West with WMU and EMU). I’m going with the Chips, who don’t have to worry about Cooper Rush running for his life from a Bronco defensive line.

Kent State @ Buffalo - Remember two years ago, when Buffalo was trying to become bowl eligible, and Kent State’s equipment truck decided to drive through the worst blizzard in recent memory? Yeah, UB fans are still pissed about that. Unfortunately, between then and now, the team has rapidly regressed. Kent State might have a functioning offense now, and the defense is still good enough to put the Bulls down.

Northern Illinois @ Western Michigan (CBSSN) - It’s been eight years since the Broncos last beat the Huskies. Eight. In that time, we’ve seen six Huskie appearances in the MAC Championship game. It’s time the Broncos end that streak.