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Miami Redhawks at Eastern Michigan Eagles: In Pictures

The Miami Redhawks put on a defensive clinic

When I wrote the preview for this game, I had this feeling of dread. Especially when I saw that Miami switched quarterbacks two games ago and ended up winning both of those games. Still, I thought that Eastern Michigan has been looking good this year. The feeling of dread continued when I realized they were facing one of the better defenses in the MAC.

During the Star Spangled Banner, they fly an eagle down to the field and it is pretty cool. The feeling of dread returned as I saw the eagle fly away from the crowd. Something seemed off today and I would soon find out why.

It was about the third play of Miami's drive, they ran a sweep with Maurice Thomas who made a pretty nice run. After that, there were a couple of nice passes and next thing I knew, Miami's Quarterback was diving into the end-zone to take a 7-0 lead. I figured all was going to be okay as Brogan Roback stepped onto the field. It wasn't to be as the first drive was a three and out for Eastern Michigan. Miami would score another touchdown in the first quarter to go up 14-0. It wasn't until the clock read 1:33 in the second half that Eastern Michigan would cut the lead to 14-3 after a Paul Fricano field goal.

Eastern Michigan's offensive woes continued to start the third quarter and Miami seemed to be moving the ball pretty well. It looked like Eastern Michigan was finally going to have something go their way when the sacked Gus Ragland on a third down. But no, unnecessary roughness was called on Pat O'Connor as he pulled Ragland's helmet off. Miami would go on to score on an Alonzo Smith touchdown to go up 21-3.

It was just inside the fourth quarter when Eastern Michigan would cut the lead to 21-9 after a Nigel Kilby touchdown. Eastern Michigan would try a two point conversation but failed. I'm still trying to figure that one out. It took a Jared Murphy 54 yard reception to give the Redhawks a 28-9 lead. Eastern Michigan would shrink the lead to 28-15 after Dieuly Aristilde caught a 75 yard pass from Brogan Roback. Again, the two point conversion failed. The game ended with the Redhawks' Heath Harding intercepting a Roback pass at the goal-line.

Gus Ragland would end the game going 15 out of 23 for 175 yards and 1 touchdown. Brogan Roback was 23 out of 39 for 328 yards, two touchdowns and one interception. Miami's leading rusher was Maurice Thomas with 82 yards. Eastern Michigan's Ian Eriksen would be Eastern Michigan's leading rusher with 33 yards. The leading receiver for Miami was Jared Murphy with 122 yards. Eastern Michigan's was Dieuly Aristilde with 193 yards.

I would say Miami's defense was the tale of the game as they managed to hold Eastern Michigan to 33 net rushing yards. They managed to sack Brogan Roback five times which is as many sacks Eastern Michigan gave up in the previous eight games. Miami's JT Jones would get three tackles for loss and two of those sacks.

Eastern Michigan will travel to Muncie, Indiana where they will face the Ball State Cardinals at 7 or 7:30 P.M. on November 8th. Miami will host Central Michigan on Friday November 4th at 6:00 P.M.