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Northern Illinois legend Jordan Lynch calls out Odell Beckham Jr. on Twitter

Pay attention, kids.

CFL: Canadian Football League Grey Cup Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

I wasn’t watching the Monday Night Football game between the New York Giants and Minnesota Vikings. But you know who was? Former Northern Illinois Huskies quarterback and face of the Mid-American Conference Jordan Lynch was. AND THE DUAL THREAT LEGEND IS ALL ABOUT PLAYING THE GAME THE RIGHT WAY.

I can’t debate that you shouldn’t handle yourself like Odell Beckham. He’s right. You also probably shouldn’t spell like Jordan Lynch. For what it’s worth, Lynch is right. Odell was classic Odell, Monday was arguably the worst game of his NFL career, and the Giants wide receiver brought his jackassary to new heights.

You can’t bump into officials, Odell. Beckham finished with a career low 23 yards, dropped a pass, collected an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, and reportedly was lucky enough to have a conversation with Giants GM Jerry Reese in the locker room after the game. Also the Giants were pummeled, 24-10.

Jordan Lynch is a do-all, maybe third string, sometimes second string quarterback for the Edmonton Eskimos and scored the game-winning touchdown in last season’s Grey Cup. AND HE PLAYS THE GAME THE RIGHT WAY. In Canadian. The Canadian right way.