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NCAA releases statement making it clear concussion lawsuit won’t be taken seriously


Southern Utah v Utah Photo by Gene Sweeney Jr/Getty Images

A former Mid-American Conference athlete is suing the NCAA and the MAC after sustaining multiple concussions as a college football player.

Geoff Donner played played fullback for the Ball State Cardinals between 1993 and 1995. Donner claims he’s suffered at least three concussions and did not receive the appropriate medical treatment.

Donner states that due to his head injuries he struggles with anxiety, depression, dementia, and other medical issues. His federal lawsuit is nothing new, and for their part the NCAA went out of their way to be as dismissive as possible. They released the following statement:

“These lawsuits are mere copycats -- using the exact same language -- of the approximately 30 cases this lawyer has filed in a matter of months. Failing to achieve a bodily injury component to the Arrington case settlement, it appears that counsel is attempting to extract a bodily injury settlement through the filing of these new questionable class actions. This strategy will not work. The NCAA does not believe that these complaints present legitimate legal arguments and expects that they can be disposed of early by the court.”

Donner’s lawsuit can be found here.

Donner claims that he was told that he would lose his scholarship if he did not play despite sustaining the concussions.