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John Calipari wants to play college basketball in the summer

August MACsketball anyone?

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-Second Round-Kentucky vs Indiana Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

I love Mid-American Conference basketball. You love Mid-American Conference basketball. Everyone loves Mid-American Conference basketball. John Calipari is a basketball lover as well, and he thinks we should get it earlier in the year.

This week the Kentucky Wildcats head coach was asked at a luncheon what he would do if he were in charge of the college basketball universe. The answer from the most powerful individual in collegiate hoops was intriguing.

"Spring football," Calipari said. "Why don't we have August basketball for the NCAA? There's nothing going on in August. Let's spend ten days of practice - how about we play against foreign teams on our campuses? Do you really want your team to go overseas and play right now? How about we do stuff right here? So, August, for ten days, becomes NCAA basketball. Instead of having to worry about football ending, we're going to go before it and start in August. It's too good of an idea, believe me. Plus it's mine which means it'll never happen. It'll never happen."

TOO GOOD OF AN IDEA, he said. He’s right about one thing, the NCAA is unlikely to pursue an idea that starts in Calipari’s head. An early start to college basketball season would probably be a nice change of pace for those fans that have to give up on their football season early (I’m looking at you Bowling Green). What do you think? Is getting after some Mid-American Conference action in August an idea that intrigues you?