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MAC Gems: More vintage Mid-American Conference crap for you to buy on eBay

But it’s crap I guarantee you’ll want.

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Solid group of MAC Gems this week. Keith did good work. We found a ten dollar item for the budget conscious, and we included a couple items where the seller will hear offers. If you want to get your haggle on. TIME TO BLOW THE PAYCHECK. Your October 7th MAC Gems:

Ball State Cardinals 10th Anniversary GMAC Bowl Football

I’m unsure if this is memorabilia that a Ball State Cardinals football fan would want. Other mementos from the 2008 season, perhaps. It was the greatest season in Ball State history until December 5th. The Cardinals ran the regular season to a 12-0 record, then got beat up in the conference championship game against Buffalo, then got destroyed by Tulsa in the GMAC Bowl, 45-14. Twenty bucks plus shipping if you want a reminder.

Northern Illinois Huskies 1970s Soccer Sweater

I find these vintage sweaters on eBay from time to time, and they’re just fantastic. The owners must know that they are fantastic because they tend to be on the expensive side. If you’re interested in Northern Illinois soccer, and that’s going to influence your decision to buy, do your own research. If you’re in a hurry to part with $76, get after it. The seller will hear offers so let the lowballing begin.

Kent State Golden Flashes Mid-American Conference Champions Playing Cards

For when it’s poker night but DAMN IT YOU WANT EVERYONE TO KNOW THAT THE KENT STATE GOLDEN FLASHES WERE 1972 MID-AMERICAN CONFERENCE CHAMPIONS. In all seriousness this is very pretty cool, a lot of vintage goodness here. The ‘72 Flashes won the MAC with a 4-1 record, then fell to Tampa in the Tangerine Bowl. Yes, Tampa. $35 and you can end the auction now, but offers will be heard by the seller.

Eastern Michigan Eagles Game Used Football Jersey

Game used jerseys are nothing new to MAC Gems. They look fantastic in your man cave while you’re enjoying some Tuesday night MACtion. I include this one just because it’s getting more and more affordable. If you’ve been looking to pick one up for awhile, keep your eyes peeled, because they can be had more easily all the time. The seller doesn’t offer a lot of info on this one, #66 is presently worn by Eagles redshirt freshman placekicker Paul Fricano. 30 bucks and this is yours, but you may be able to get it for even cheaper than that.

Central Michigan Chippewas 1952 Track Medal

You could put together a nice little collection of trophies, medals, and other awards found on eBay. There is literally no other information that what you see in the picture. “Central Michigan University Relays.” I’d encourage you to do your own research. If you think this could be something cool, take a shot, it will only cost you a ten dollar bill after shipping.