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Week 6 MACtion Bet-kakke

We try to make it two big winning weekends in a row

Super Bowl 50 Proposition Bets At The Westgate Las Vegas Race & Sports SuperBook Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

This season has been a good example of what a grind looks like. The first few weeks were brutal, but the trend is heading up and we are slowly climbing back to the positive.

Week 5 Results

BYU (-3.5) LOSS
Ball State (-4.5) LOSS
Boston College (-18) WIN
Ohio (-2.5) WIN
Eastern Michigan (+2.5) WIN
Akron (-7) LOSS
Western Michigan (-3.5) WIN

Look at that, a winning weekend. Forgot what that felt like.

The following stats assume a $110 bet for each wager against the spread and a $100 wager for each moneyline bet. Winning initial bets not figured into ledger totals, only losing initial bets and profits. Example: two bets placed, one win (+$100 profit), one loss (-$110 initial bet) for a weekly ledger of -$10)

Week 5 ATS: 4-3
Season ATS: 14-23
Week 5 Moneyline: 0-0
Season Moneyline: 2-1
Week 5 Ledger: +$70
Season Income: -$870

Week 6 MACtion Lines

CMU (-12.5) @ Ball State
Bowling Green @ Ohio (-10.5)
Miami @ Akron (-10)
Toledo (-19.5) @ EMU
Kent State (-1.5) @ Buffalo
Northern Illinois @ Western Michigan (-17)

Fearless Leader’s Hustle Belt Week 6 Bet-kakke Picks

CMU (-12.5)
Ohio (-10.5)
Akron (-10)
EMU (+19.5)
Buffalo (+1.5)
Western Michigan (-17)

Last week we righted the ship and this week is more of the same. Standard issue don’t risk what you can’t afford to lose warning, and as always, always be cashing.

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