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Toledo at Eastern Michigan: In Pictures

Eastern Michigan hangs with Toledo but falls short....

This is my sixth season photographing Eastern Michigan football from the field. I started during the 6-6 season where Eastern Michigan showed promise only to have it taken away. After that, they wandered the deserts of the MAC trying to get to some semblance of glory. This was the first time in a while where I thought they might have a chance to tip the scales in the MAC. I looked at the numbers for both teams and figured if Eastern Michigan played a mistake free game, they had a shot. They made some mistakes and the final result showed.

On a positive note, I didn't think the game was completely out of reach until about 5 minutes to go in the fourth quarter. Eastern Michigan seemed to be moving the ball pretty well through the air. As one of my pictures shows, they are pretty close but still have a ways to go.