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Five Things Learned: Toledo at Eastern Michigan

Eastern Michigan is almost ready for prime time

Toledo at Eastern Michigan in Pictures
They were so close...but not close enough
Kenneth Bailey

As the clock struck zero, the final score read 35-20 with the Rockets of Toledo recording their fourth victory of the season. Eastern Michigan would fall to four and two. So what can we learn from such a game?

Toledo is pretty good offensively

This kid seemed pretty good
Kenneth Bailey

When I wrote my preview a couple of days ago, I was hoping that Eastern Michigan could stop the running game. Given that they held them to under their average, in a way they did. But as I watched the game through the viewfinder of my trusty Canon, I saw Kareem Hunt run roughshod over the filed. Collectively, Toledo would put 236 yards on the ground. The other thing I saw was Logan Woodside putting up some yards in the air. This was to the tune of 247 yards and four touchdowns. So I would say it was a fairly balanced attack.

Eastern Michigan is close

Eastern Michigan managed to hang with the Rockets until there were about 5 minutes left in the fourth quarter. It didn’t seem like the game was out of reach at any point in the game until Toledo got their final interception. Given some of the blowouts of the past couple of seasons, this is an improvement.

The Eastern Michigan running game needs some improvement

Never could get this going
Kenneth Bailey

Another thing I mentioned in my preview, if Eastern Michigan could establish the run game, they could keep the Toledo offense off the field. They only got 62 yards. This forced Eastern Michigan to turn to the air, which they did pretty well.

Toledo will make things interesting

Toledo managed to put 53 points against Brigham Young. They acquitted themselves quite well in their MAC opener. People may be ready to hand the MAC West crown to Western Michigan but I think Toledo might have something to say about that.

Swoop still has a chance to fly this year
Kenneth Bailey

Eastern Michigan still has a shot at 0.500

I think if Eastern Michigan can improve their running game, they have a shot of going 0.500 or better. I would love to see them steal a win from either Western or Central Michigan but I’m not sure they are quite there yet. Who knows, this is why they play the game on turf instead of paper.