All You Need to Know about RedHawk Basketball

This afternoon, Miami (mercilessly) tipped off their 2016-2017 hoops campaign with a home battle against the Muskingum Fighting Muskies.

Pay no attention to the fact the game touted as an exhibition for both squads. Pay no attention to the fact Muskingum is a Division III program. And pay no attention to the fact the RedHawks led only by six at halftime. All of those details are embarrassing, sure. But they're nowhere near as embarrassing as this:

Miami played their opening basketball game at 1:00 p.m. on a Friday. In other words, the least likely time for anybody to care about a basketball game.

That's bad news for Miami. The interest in their basketball program from students and alumni alike is so depleted, they could play in the middle of a Friday afternoon and nobody would know the difference. In a post-Charlie Coles era, Miami basketball has certainly been pitiful...but this pitiful?

Miami isn't alone either. There's plenty of MAC institutions struggling with attendance across all sports. But at least most of those institutions don't mail it in at 1:00 on a Friday.

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