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Check out Hustle Belt’s ESPN appearance!

It happened, you guys. Really, it did!

Hey, we know that guy!
ESPN Media/Outside The Lines

It’s been kind of a big day here at Hustle Belt HQ.

This morning, our WMU writer and general editor Brandon Fitzsimons (aka Brown and Gold aka @broncofitz) received an email from ESPN earlier Thursday morning asking him if he could make an appearance on Outside The Lines, ESPN’s investigative reporting feature show.

Fitz, the longest-tenured member of Hustle Belt, has been on the WMU football beat here at the Belt for the last five years and has made a reputation for himself with his weathering the transitional storm that followed Bill Cubit’s firing and PJ Fleck’s tenuous start in Kalamazoo.

Thankfully, ESPN’s nearest studio was a short drive from his real-life job and his boss gave him the time to participate. Fitz joined head coach PJ Fleck and fill-in host Kate Fagan to talk about whether or not WMU was getting the short end of the stick in regards to the College Football Playoff Committee Rankings.

You can catch the entire interview below in both video form (below) and podcast form: