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Buffalo Bulls @ Western Michigan Broncos: 5 Things Learned

Nothing was really learned, just reaffirmed.

Buffalo v Western Michigan Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

I expected WMU to handle Buffalo, and they did.

For a lesser team, in a different season, these last few weeks of national upsets might have proven difficult.

Not this year. Not this team.

Coach Fleck has this team believing, and it isn’t going to lose to the likes of Buffalo. Snow, or no snow. I already knew that, and this is what else I already knew.

Corey Davis is really freaking good.

Everyone already knew that.

Before WMU burst on the scene this year, there was Corey Davis. The NCAA receiving yard mark looked like a forgone conclusion to start the season.

He is only 18 yards away. I’ll be shocked if he doesn’t get it in the first quarter against Toledo.

They know he is going to be the main target, and they still aren’t going to be able to stop him. Buffalo knew, and he was able to rack up 173 yards on 13 receptions and 2 touchdowns.

PJ Fleck has changed the culture at WMU.

The kids today, not giving a shit in 30 degree weather, are the alumnus of tomorrow.

They are going to remember how this season feels, and the fun times they had with ESPN’s GameDay on their campus.

They aren’t just going to forget that. When they send their kids to school in Kalamazoo, they are going to want them to have the same experience. WMU is now a football school.

The Committee has no real reason to rank WMU that low.

I can tolerate (begrudgingly) an argument that an undefeated WMU shouldn’t be in the playoffs.

But with all the G5 wins over P5 teams in recent memory, there is no reason to keep an undefeated team out of the top 20.

It’s been talked to death on Hustle Belt, and was even brought up on ESPN’s “Outside the Lines”, with our own Brown-and-Gold making the argument. It’s a shame that college football is still decided in a smokey room, with 60 year old guys, instead of on the field, with the kids that actually play the game.

WMU is not just winning, they are blowing teams out.

Buffalo sucks at football this year.

If there was ever a trap game for WMU, this was it.

Toledo is up next, with the MAC West title on the line. The national media was on campus, taking focus off the game. Players were seen ducking under doors to enter a room, their heads had swollen so much.

Buffalo kind of hung for the first half, but it didn’t last. A team “better than their record” would have made it a game. They didn’t.

Toledo @ WMU is going to be HUGE.

Toledo is a really good team.

They are a couple of close losses to quality teams away from being undefeated themselves.

Their offense is one of the most loaded at the skill positions that I have ever seen. Not just in the MAC, but nationwide. I am not saying they are "2001 Miami Hurricanes" good, but their 5 skill position guys would start on most teams this year.

Toledo has two receivers hovering around the 20 yards per reception mark. Logan Woodside leads the country in TD passes. Kareem Hunt that might set the Toledo rushing mark. Michael Roberts has 12 TD receptions on the season and certainly is going to be playing on Sundays.

WMU is a really good team, too. If they can knock the Rockets off, and then win the MAC championship, they not only deserve the Cotton Bowl, but consideration for the playoffs.

Only the ignorant would disagree.