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2016-17 MAC Men’s Basketball Recap: Akron Zips vs. Radford Highlanders

It did not go well, if you like sporting events.

Akron v VCU Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The Zips chucked the ball three rows up as they were trying to find a teammate several times in the first half. They looked disinterested, at best.

They managed a 29-14 lead at the half against woefully over-matched Radford. Going into the locker room at the break, Isaiah Johnson had 11 points, 5 rebounds, 2 assists, 1 block and 1 steal. A true bright spot in an otherwise boring ass game.

The good news, I guess, for Radford is their bench scored 8. Too bad their starters only managed 6. Points. In the first half. A little over 1 point per starter.

The beat-down continued in the second half. As I woke up from my quick nap, dreaming of the epic game between Toledo and WMU for the MAC West football championship on black Friday, the score read 52-21, with 11:41 left.

The stat line showed just how awful this game was. As a team, you get 3 chances to break 50% in shooting. FGs, it’s a nice mark to break. 3 point field goals, you are doing fantastic. Free throws, it’s the Mendoza line. Radford was under in all three.

One positive is that Radford managed 11 offensive rebounds. Of course, if you miss virtually every shot, you can pad this stat. The top 3 Bradford scorers were all off the bench, but none managed double digits. Make something out of that, because I can’t.

Meanwhile, 12 Zips managed to score. Kwan Cheatham Jr., a starter, did not. How I wish I was in the locker room after the game for that conversation among teammates.

Some people can turn lemons into lemonade, like Ice Tea. I can’t. This was a crapper of a game, where Akron played terrible, and dominated a weak opponent. There is nothing to be gained from this game as a viewer, other than Akron got the W and Radford got the L.