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Central Michigan at Eastern Michigan in Pictures

The photographic side of the Eagles and Chips

Kenneth Bailey

This is my sixth season photographing Eastern Michigan football. My camera has witnessed many ups and downs. Unfortunately, it seemed like there were more downs than ups. Despite the many losses, I’ve seen many victories that were thrilling. I’ve seen a few thrilling Eastern Michigan victories prior to shooting from the field but the first the rings out in my mind from the field was in 2011 when I traveled up to Mount Pleasant to watch Eastern Michigan defeat the Chippewas. Then I got to see another as Eastern Michigan defeated Western Michigan at home after a nice goal line stand.

Victories were sparse the next season and the season after that. But in 2013, the day after the Eagles unceremoniously dumped Ron English, interim head coach Stan Parrish would lead the Eagles to a victory over Western Michigan in a thrilling overtime finish. In December of that year, Coach Creighton is introduced at a basketball game and I had a feeling.

The next two season would be dreadful. There were two wins in 2014 and only one win in 2015. Despite the bleakness of the 2014, I saw something in the Eagles. Maybe a glimmer of hope in those losses.

Spring ahead to the beginning of this season and I made a bold prediction of the Eagles finishing 6 and 6. I really had no basis for that prediction other than a gut feeling but it turns out I was the right way. The Eagles actually exceeded my expectations. Despite the setbacks of the Miami and Northern Illinois games, I had a feeling about last night’s game. And it turns out that I was right. I hoping with the bowl game that this is the beginning of brighter days for my Eagles.

Enjoy the pictures from last night’s victory. And to the team and fans that have struggled this past five years, enjoy this moment.