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Five Things Learned from EMU-CMU


Coach Creighton
Kenneth Bailey

I’m not exactly sure what else we can learn from the Eastern Michigan-Central Michigan game from last night. But here goes...

1. Another team from the MAC that could beat Oklahoma State.

If there is such a thing as the transitive property in college football, since Eastern Michigan beat Central Michigan and Central Michigan beat Oklahoma State, Eastern Michigan would probably beat them.

2. Eastern Michigan does have a run game.

Eastern Michigan got 183 yards on the ground and the bulk of those came from Blake Banham. I think with him, Ian Eriksen and Willie Parker all returning next year, I expect big things from the Eastern Michigan run game next year.

3. Central Michigan is not as bad as their 6-6 record indicates.

Given that Central Michigan nearly pulled out the victory last night, they are no slouch.

4. Twenty Nine years is a long time.

Eastern Michigan last went to a bowl game in 1987 which was also the year that I was a freshman there. In that time, we’ve seen the bowl coalition become the Bowl Championship Series and then the College Football Playoff. We’ve also see the team that was named the Hurons become the Eagles. Eastern Michigan has seen seven coaches pass through it’s door. Hopefully it wont be another 29 years to a bowl game.

5. Being on the winning side feels good.

I am unabashedly an Eastern Michigan fan. It feels good to be on the winning side for a change.