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2016 MAC Pick’em - MAC Championship Week

Thirteen weeks down, roughly seven games left. Big points on the table, do you have what it takes to grab the crown?

Pick'em Logo Brandon Fitzsimons

What an exciting final week! The MAC East came down to the wire (literally decided on a JoJo Natson drop in the end zone) while the MAC West ended in Western Michigan dominance. In the Pick’em, most of you had perfect weeks with me, so you can congratulate yourselves as this week’s champion. Go me!

Full breakdown here.

After the regular season, the cumulative totals are tallied, but not finalized. Don’t forget, we have the MAC Championship and what looks like six bowl games to pick from. That number jumps to seven if NIU can miraculously make a bowl game by virtue of APR.

16 of you have stuck through this throughout the season. Right now, Rocket A holds a 5 point lead over 2nd, and a 6 point lead over 3rd, so it’s far from decided, but big props to him for being the most consistent over the last 13 weeks.

So for the first few years of the Pick’em, the MAC Championship Game was consistently worth 10 points. Since we added confidence points, 10 seems low. I’ve flip-flopped on what to do with this year’s MACCG pick’em, with ideas ranging from upping the point total up to 50 points to doing a Jeopardy-style wager. After thinking it out, this year’s MAC Championship Game will be worth 40 points. It’s close enough to the ratio in the past that I’m going to stick with it.

My pick will be coming out later this week (I’m sure you can guess which way I’m going with the user name “Brown and Gold”), so you don’t get the full benefit of knowing who I’m going with before making your own pick. Pick wisely, it could make or break you.