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3 colossal errors by the College Football Playoff committee

It’s official. They’ve stopped trying.

NCAA Football: Michigan at Ohio State Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

Another Tuesday, another disappointing performance by your College Football Playoff Committee. You know this isn’t actually about football, right? You have to know that by now. It’s reality television. No more believable than Keeping up with the Kardashians. And that’s fine. Plenty of people watch that show. There will be plenty of people who hit the theatre to watch the next installment of whatever number Fast and the Furious we’re up to. That’s what the College Football Playoff is. The 30 for 30 we eventually get on the CFP taking bribes is going to be fascinating. Here’s the 3 biggest errors the College Football Playoff committee made on Tuesday night.

#5 Michigan Wolverines (10-2, 7-2)

Unbelievable. Un-frickin-believable. Well, it’s hard for me to call Saturday’s loss to Ohio State meaningless, because if it goes chalk the rest of the way, the Wolverines are likely left out of the CFP. Michigan’s a huge brand though, so the powers that be may find a way to get them in over a more deserving Clemson or Washington team. Either way, Michigan only dropping two spots to fifth makes one thing clear. The CFP is going to cram Big Ten football down your throat whether you like it or not. Can you imagine a nightmare scenario that involves Alabama winning the SEC Championship, Clemson dropping the ACC title game to Virginia Tech, and Washington losing the Pac-12 to Colorado? Then you’re potentially staring at a postseason of ‘Bama, Ohio State, Michigan, and the winner of the Big Ten Championship Game, either Penn State or Wisconsin. Three yards and a cloud of yawn. That absolutely sounds like a punishment. Please don’t make me. To be fair though, it could not be worse than Alabama destroying Michigan State last season 38-0 in the Cotton Bowl that nobody stayed with because people are not going to watch garbage football on New Year’s Eve no matter how much you try to make us, CFP. Ugh. Terrible football is so terrible. Michigan’s too high. We don’t need that much Big Ten. I know, I know, “Keith this isn’t about who we want to see, it’s about finding the best team in the nation!” Don’t kid yourself, it’s not Michigan.

#9 Oklahoma Sooners (9-2, 8-0)

You know it might be unfair to say that it’s a “colossal error” that the Sooners are ranked at #9. Rather, it’s just a clear indicator that the College Football Playoff committee isn’t trying very hard with these rankings. Oklahoma was #8 a week ago. The Sooners not play last week, and the previous week destroyed the Mountaineers at West Virginia 56-28. For all of that, they were rewarded by dropping a spot. I understand the logic of teams moving up when they do well, but how is Oklahoma dropping a spot explained? This is going to look even more ridiculous after they smoke Oklahoma State on Saturday. Truly it’s evidence that little work is being put into formulating these rankings.

#17 Western Michigan (12-0, 8-0)

Well, this is it Mid-American Conference fans. If it’s not happening this year, with this team, than the entire system is garbage. If you are a Group of Five fan, you likely came to that conclusion awhile ago. They’re going to argue strength of schedule, we’re going to point out that we’d like to play the big schools, they simply do not want to play us. So on and so forth. Western Michigan is not going to get the opportunity to play in the College Football Playoff, and the nation will suffer. You’ll never know who the best team in the country is. Maybe they’d get destroyed. Maybe they wouldn’t. I admit I don’t know. So many of you cannot say the same. But I’m comforted by the fact that I live in Las Vegas, Nevada, and we have very nice things built on people thinking they know more about college football than they actually do.

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