Why Ranking Western Michigan So Low in the CFP Ranking Isn't That Bad

Western Michigan was ranked at No. 23 in the College Football Playoff Ranking, which seems a little questionable when considering the level at which it has played at this season. Its really not that bad, however.

They are currently the highest ranked Group of Five team, one spot ahead of Boise State, the only other G5 team.

Basically, that means if the Broncos win the rest of their games, and win the MAC title, they will play in a New Year's Six Bowl.

The committee can't be too concerned with the going ons of G5 teams-- the Power Five teams are the ones that bring in the money. It doesn't have a care about what the G5 teams do.

Its easy for the committee-- put a ranking on the really good G5 teams, if they win their conference, put them in a New Year's Six Bowl, and fans of that school and conference are happy.

It does not truly matter that the playoff committee put Western Michigan so low. It's simple for Western Michigan-- win out, and bring MACtion to a New Year's Six Bowl.

So, MACtion fans-- put down your pitchforks, and celebrate the success of Western Michigan. And I guess, Row the Boat.

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