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Toledo Rockets @ Akron Zips: 5 Things Learned

The Rockets still control their own destiny, the Zips need help.

Akron v Michigan Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

In a game billed as defenses’ last stand(at least in my own head), it didn’t happen. Toledo made stops when it needed too, but still gave up 444 yards. Akron’s defensive coordinator joked that he would drop 11 to stop Toledo’s Logan Woodside. The Zips gave up 622 yards and 48 points. We learned that Toledo is awfully hard to stop, and here are 5 other things we learned.

1. There is a reason they play defense. It’s an old cliche’ that’s brought out every time a defensive back drops a sure interception. Well, sometimes cliches’ are based in fact. There were 4 picks in the first half that were dropped. None were particularly difficult catches, and at least 2 would have resulted in a pick 6.

2. Logan Woodside is no longer a mere mortal. 327 yards, 3 touchdowns, and zero picks. That kind of game is fantastic for a common man. For Woodside this season, it’s standard. It’s slightly below his average, if you can believe that.

 Toledo Photo by Andrew Weber/Getty Images

3. Chuck Amato is having a really bad year. The guy didn’t forget how to coach. Some of you kiddies might not remember him, but I do. He was part of the great Florida State dynasty that won 11 ACC championships in a row, and finished in the top 4 14 consecutive seasons. He went on to have success as the head coach of North Carolina State, giving the “big” programs like Florida State and Ohio State fits with upsets and near upsets.

Sometimes things just don’t go your way. I noticed a couple of nifty little innovations last night, and some unconventional play calling. Overall, however, the defense is a dumpster fire this season. I am sure some of it lies at his doorstep. I am also sure a lot of it doesn’t.

4. There were a lot talented receivers on the field last night. Terry Bowden told the sideline reporter in last nights broadcast that JoJo Natson was the best player on the field. He had a nice 27 yard touchdown reception. His teammate, Jerome Lane had 6 receptions for 177 yards.

On the Toledo side, they spread the ball around last night. There was no 3 or more touchdown game, like several players have had this season. A name that doesn’t get called as often as some of the other guys, Zach Yousey, had one reception for a 44 yard touchdown.

It wouldn’t shock me if 5 receivers on the field last night get a look at the next level.

5. Toledo still controls it’s own destiny, Akron needs help. Toledo’s path to the MAC west is simple, beat Northern Illinois, Ball State, and Western Michigan. Simple in concept, anyway.

Akron needs OU AND Miami to drop a game this season. I am not going to lie, there are several writers at Hustlebelt that are rooting for Miami this season. They dropped their first 6 games, and are in the title hunt in November. To say that is unique is an understatement. Books will be written about the season, if they can pull it off.