WMU Doesn't Belong Near the CFP

I love the MAC as much as anyone else here, but let's be realistic for a second.

Yes WMU are undefeated and I (albeit begrudgingly) give them props for doing that, they had a great year. But to think they belong in the CFP conversation is just delusional.

Of WMU's 12 wins, 11 were against FBS teams. Of those 11 wins, 2 came against teams finishing at .500, 2 came against teams finishing above .500, and 7 came against teams finishing below .500. Just two >.500 wins, which were EMU (7-5) and Toledo (9-3). Yes they beat 2 Big Ten teams, but Illinois and Northwestern aren't exactly the cream of the crop (neither finished above .500). The Strength of Schedule simply isn't there (and rarely ever will be for any MAC or G5 school).

"But they want to play bigger teams, but they can't!" And? That isn't the Playoff Committee's fault, and it is wholly irrelevant to this year's rankings. They can't and shouldn't apply things as trivial as what a school "wants" to do to these decisions.

I'm not defending the Playoff Committee or the playoff system as a whole, because I do think there are major problems with it, but I am defending their decision not to include Western Michigan anywhere near the top.

This season is a hell of an accomplishment for WMU, as it would be for any school, they deserve recognition and their fans should be damn proud. But you can't bulldoze through a bunch of nobodies and expect to be ranked up there with the "big boys". Don't let bitterness over rankings spoil what should be the proudest season in program history.

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