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Ohio to play in Friday night Big Ten game against Purdue in 2017

The game will be Purdue’s first under the Big Ten’s new Friday Night lights.

Ohio Bobcats v Kansas Jayhawks Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

This college football season isn’t over yet, but there is already some good news for MAC fans next season.

The Big Ten recently announced that starting next season, certain Big Ten teams will play Friday night primetime games. It’s a controversial move that recently drew the ire of the Michigan High School Athletic Association, but alas, they don’t really have a say in it.

Many were wondering which teams would be included in the Friday night games, as rumblings had come out that Michigan straight up refused to participate in these newly-minted games.

This afternoon, we found out that six games will be televised in Friday primetime next season, with all games to be televised on ESPN or FOX.

One of those games? The Ohio Bobcats’ tilt with the Purdue Boilermakers.

The Bobcats travel to West Lafayette on Sept. 8th for their eighth matchup against the Boilermakers. Ohio has never won a game vs. Purdue in school history.

If you’re curious as to what other games will be featured, the rest of the Friday primetime lineup can be found below: