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2016-17 MAC Men’s Basketball Recap: Eastern Michigan Eagles vs Siena Heights Saints

EMU put on the breaks in the second half to eek out the win, 117-55.

NCAA Basketball: Eastern Michigan Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Willie Mangum IV got his first start on the season, and did not disappoint, averaging over a point a minute. James Thompson IV also managed that feat in this game. And I use the word “game” loosely. EMU dominated an NAIA opponent. It was kind of like practice, but less competitive.

Aside from doubling them on the scoreboard, EMU out rebounded the Saints, 38-33. Where it was really ugly was ball control. Zero steals for the Saints, 17 for the Eagles. Total turnovers, you ask with baited breath? 30 for the Saints, and 5 for the Eagles. It was that bad.

After shooting 67% in the first half, the Eagles cooled down, and shot a pedestrian 59.7% in the second half. They couldn’t even manage 60%. And yes, that is sarcasm.

The daughters are watching “Frozen” for the 2838 time while I write this recap. I find myself getting pulled away to listen to the songs, that’s how entertaining this game was. I have been watching sports a long time, I get it. Not every game can be a double overtime thriller. I get you have to schedule games like this to get the huge underdog wins. It doesn’t make the expected blow out any less boring for the spectator.

I lost focus there, my bad. 11 players scored for the Eagles. Aside from Thompson IV and Magnum IV scoring 23 each, while Ty Toney added 14. Jordan Nobles scored 13, and Tim Bond added 12, both off the bench.

Siena Heights used the bench extensively, to spread around the embarrassment, I assume. Not a single player managed to score in double digits, but 10 did manage to score. 12 managed to log at least 1 turnover.

HERE COMES “LET IT GO!!!!!” It didn’t win an Academy Award and Grammy for sucking!!!!

Back to the game recap, sorry. I need to let it go. I hate watching terrible games, and hate writing about them even more. The Saints scored the first bucket of the game. It would have been more entertaining if they pulled a Corso, and took a picture of the scoreboard with them on top, and just walked away. Then I would have had something entertaining to write about. This game, not so much.