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2016 MAC Championship Game Predictions: Western Michigan vs. Ohio

It’s time to put our money where our mouth is: who wins and by how much?

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This is it, y’all: the 17th-ranked Western Michigan Broncos (12-0) and the MAC East champion Ohio Bobcats (8-4) will play for the MAC Championship at Ford Field in Detroit, Michigan at 7 p.m. EST/6 p.m. CST.

The game is expected to be an electric one; WMU brings in one of the most prolific offenses in the conference and the country while Ohio brings in a stout defense that gave many opponents terrors over the season.

The game has also sold approximately 47,000+ tickets, easily doubling the previous attended high of approximately 28,000. The stakes are high, too: WMU needs to win the MAC Championship to have a chance at the New Year’s Six access bowls, while Ohio looks to play spoiler and win their first conference championship since 1968.

With all that in mind, eleven of our writers put their reputations on the line and chose a winner, a score and an MVP candidate.

You can see the answers below:

Sam Barloga:

Western Michigan, 41-24. MVP: Corey Davis

Kaleb Carter:

Ohio, 27-21. MVP: Tarell Basham

Steve Helwick:

Western Michigan, 44-20. MVP: Zach Terrell

Jordan Rinard:

Western Michigan, 45-17. MVP: Zach Terrell

Justin Coffin:

Western Michigan, 35-17. MVP: Carrington Thompson

Brandon Fitzsimons:

Western Michigan, 38-17. MVP: Jamauri Bogan

James “Rocket” Snyder:

Western Michigan, 35-10. MVP: Corey Davis

Rob Willer:

Western Michigan, 38-13. MVP: Zach Terrell

James H. Jimenez:

Western Michigan, 35-20. MVP: Zach Terrell

Fearless Leader:

Western Michigan, 41-14. MVP: Zach Terrell

The Dizzle:

Western Michigan, 34-17. MVP: Jarvion Franklin