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2016-17 MAC Men’s Basketball Recap: Grambling State Tigers at Kent State Golden Flashes

10 exciting minutes of basketball that turned into an old fashioned whooping.

Kent State logo

Like most of MACnation, I was extremely excited to watch the historic championship where either Ohio pulls off the monumental upset, or WMU hit the 13-0 mark. This basketball game didn’t really move the meter for me. But I gave it a chance.

Yes, Kent could use the win. After a fast start, they have faded a bit. It did kind of mean something. It was mostly a forgone conclusion however, so it’s hard to get excited for a game like this. Regardless, I psyched myself. Maybe Grambling would pull off the huge upset. Maybe someone on either team would have a huge game. Maybe Kent would put up 150.

None of that happened. What I was treated with was exactly what is expected. Grambling hung around for 10 minutes of game time, or so, and then got their doors blown off.

Kent State pulled ahead 42-22 at the half. They dominated every statistical category midway through. 55% to 27% shooting. Not a surprise, because the Grambling defense was awful. 24-17 rebound edge for the Golden Flashes, again, not a surprise, better athletes and all.

That 20 point halftime lead eventually stretched to the final margin, 86-57. Both teams played the second half like they had something better to do, and both probably did.

It was like watching a practice. Sure, I could point out Jimmy Hall had 14 points on 6-9 shooting for the Flashes, and 13 rebounds. And 3 other Flashes scoring 12 is noteworthy, I guess. But is it, really? I just watched a scrimmage that counts.

Kent State is a good team in a tough division. How well will they compete? This game told me very little. It’s nice that they shot 52.3% to 30.9% on the game. It’s nice they held a 55-35 rebound advantage. But they should do those things. So on the one hand, I can’t hold it against them that they slaughtered a lamb, but on the other, I am not going to wax poetic on it, either.