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Merry Christmas from your friends at Hustle Belt

Have a holly, jolly. MACtion Holiday

By now, assuming you have kids, your Christmas morning has already begun to wind down. There’s likely piles of used wrapping paper and spent bows, the living room looks like a glitter bomb went off, and you’re walking around sleepy-eyed and slow since it was likely an early morning filled with whatever the going toy of the season was. Hatchimals? Are those what’s hot on the street this Christmas?

Or perhaps you don’t have a brood of offspring. You may still be sleepy-headed and slow thanks to your good friends Jim or Jack, and after the 2-for-1 specials at HipHuggers you may also have glitter everywhere. So really, we aren’t that different, you and I.

Regardless of how you spend it or who you spend it with, today is Christmas and from all your friends here at Belt, we wish you a joyous and safe one. If you’re surrounded by those you love, cherish it, and hating your MAC rivals and the tomfoolery of the internet can wait until tomorrow. If you’re flying solo tomorrow is only a few hours away and there’s football on in a bit. Don’t celebrate Christmas? I’m sure there’s Chinese delivery and no traffic for whatever you may need to do today.

And with that, with all our bases covered, your Hustle Belt team is going to celebrate the holiday with our home teams. It’s an honor to cover the best conference in the land and the fact that you allow us to do so amidst the multitude of opportunities to learn about MACtion on the web isn’t lost on us. To you and yours from all of us here, Merry Christmas and happy holidays! Even the NIU fans.