The Group of Five Dream Bowl

So every year a single or a couple Group of Five champion(s) sits there on Selection Sunday hoping and praying for the golden ticket to a BCS/NY6 Bowl. Of course all of us fans of Go5 schools love to see it happen, even if it’s not our school because it validates our programs ‘hey, that could be us playing in the Orange Bowl.’

But honestly I’m weary of it. I’ve grown tired of every time one of our schools exceeds all expectations, slays goliath, and makes the Cotton Bowl we are literally hated for it. The Badgers can’t cry hard enough that they have to play a lose/lose against Western and I am irritated with them for it but also can sympathize at the same time.

So let’s come up with a solution. I am doubtful I am the first to come up with this but here goes my proposal:

Let’s make a new bowl. Hoe about we make the ‘New Years Seven’" A New Years Day or New Years Eve bowl for the Group of Five. We take the top ranked Go5 Conference champion and pit them against the #2 ranked Go5 conference Champion. I mean there are a lot of years this will be the highest total ranking between the two teams of any bowl outside the playoff.

If I am looking at this right it makes it #12 Western Michigan Broncos vs the #23 Temple Owls this year. Now that is a bonafide top tier bowl game in my opinion.

Every year there are these top ranked Go5 champions but they are still treated like a joke. If we make our own bowl it will be the pinnacle of achievement for the Go5 school since we are never talked about in the national championship conversation. Something for coaches to circle on the board in the spring.

The next thing you need is a great location that is starved for a quality bowl. I’m looking at you North Carolina. A beautiful southern state with absolutely zero bowls. Dowdy–Ficklen Stadium in Greenville NC would be my first choice. Its a 50,000 seat football field. I would call that ‘mid-sized’ and it would work perfectly. WMU and Temple fans would buy over half that this year no problem, the hometown curious football fans could take care of the rest.

If you go back and look at the top 25 rankings over the past ten years and look for Go5 conference champions you come up with some really spectacular bowl games. I’m looking at a top ten bowl year in and year out.

WIth the school’s fans being hungry for a marquee bowl matchup and the hometown fans desperately wanting a legitimate, nationally relevant bowl game I see this as a win.

So we’ll go ahead and schedule the Ambien Dream Bowl for Monday January 1st 2018. I look forward to a fantastic match-up.

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