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Morning Dump: Lawsuit by former softball player accuses Kent State athletics of assisting in rape cover-up

The suit claims the athlete was raped by former coach Karen Linder's son, and was then bullied out of the program in a retaliation orchestrated by the coach herself.

  • An upsetting piece of news broke in the middle of last night's basketball action, when Deadspin published the details of a lawsuit filed against Kent State University in which former softball player Lauren Kesterson alleges that she was raped by the son of former softball coach Karen Linder. She also accuses Linder and the university of covering up the rape, as well as "intentional infliction of emotional distress" meant to drive Kesterson and her sister out of the softball program. According to the complaint, once Linder was made aware of the rape, she asked Kesterson to "keep this between the people that know," and then failed to report the rape to any authorities. The full 34-page complaint is available in the link. Linder resigned as coach in August of 2015, saying the university had become "a place of entitlement."
  • In news that isn't horrifying, a few awesome basketball games took place last night, including two that came down to the final shot. Ohio upended the MAC West leaders in Muncie last night, defeating Ball State 72-69 on the back of Antonio Campbell's umpteenth double-double of the season, while Miami outslugged Western Michigan in an ugly one, 45-44.
  • They weren't all close, though, because Bowling Green still can't manage to get out of its extended slump against Akron. The Zips drained 16 3's en route to a 83-68 victory, marking their 14th straight win against the Falcons, and 22nd in the two's last 23 meetings. Yeesh.
  • Fresh (sorta) from the rumor mill, junior wide receiver Gehrig Dieter took Bowling Green out of his Twitter bio yesterday, coupling it with a tweet that read simply "excited for the future." We're watching you, Gehrig.
  • Finally, the folks over at Every Day Should Be Saturday did a silly thing yesterday comparing the GOP field to annoying college football tropes. Chris Christie got the distinction of 2011 MAC Coach of the Year, which you may remember was won by Ron English for taking the Eastern Michigan Eagles to a 6-6 record. The whole thing is good for a few morning giggles.