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Morning Dump: Happy National Singing Day Eve!


Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

  • Happy National Signing Day Eve! Now's a good time to check up on our database!
  • Now's also a good time to stock up on some coffee if you're going to be celebrating with us tomorrow. Our live blog/open chat will go live at 6:10 a.m. (EST) tomorrow, where I'll be hanging out all day giving you cats some updates throughout the holiday. It'll be fun!
  • Now's also also a good time to follow @MAC_Crootin [if you haven't already], for obvious reasons.
  • Shooty hoops today for most of us. Except for Kent State's assists and steals leader Xavier Pollard.
  • Which really bites, because the Flashes have a huge game tonight against Central Michigan in Mt. Pleasant.
  • No, we do not know what we're doing with power rankings either. Please don't ask. Just know that your rankings will always be better.
  • Are the NIU Huskies actually White Sox fans? Well in any case, this is a really cool look on them. (Note: I'm a diehard Tigers fan and I regret typing that just now.)