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Alex is stepping down as managing editor

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Hi friends.

As you might've seen earlier today, I am going to be stepping down as Hustle Belt's managing editor soon. Unfortunately with my work situation, I simply don't have the time that I'd like to devote to the blog that I used to be able to give. This is something that I've been mulling over for a while and figured now is a good time for a change. I'd feel bad for sticking around as the site's manager if I couldn't give it the attention that the community deserves.

I won't be going away though. I still want to be an assistant editor and keep writing about EMU for as long as possible. As many of you may know, I've recently graduated from EMU and, to be blunt, need to pay more attention to applying for jobs and look for more opportunities.

Quickly, I'd like to thank Bryan Vance for showing me the ropes of how he managed the site before he left for South Carolina (and eventually left SC for Oregon), Matt Brown, Luke Zimmermann and Wescott Eberts for their consistent help throughout my time as the editor, all the current and previous writers and editors on staff on Hustle Belt for all of their hard work, patience and dedication since I took over in September 2014, and the readers/commenters/internet trolls/community members/fans that have visited our site, played with us on social media, critiqued our every move, shared our articles and everything in between. I was looking for a great opportunity at a learning experience and you've all made it such a fulfilling one.

Interested in taking over? Click here to apply!

Have any questions that you'd like to ask me about the position? Feel free to e-mail me at

Thanks again!