John Bonamego about new NFL touchback rules: "The kicking team is now going to be able to dictate" kickoffs


This week, the NFL changed their kickoff procedures in the name of health, pushing the touchback from the 20-yard line to the 25-yard line. The move is being met with some recoil, and Coach Bonamego, a longtime NFL special teams coach, was especially upset, saying "you’re going to have a percentage of coaches that say, rather than give the ball up on the 25, the kicking team is now going to be able to dictate." Coach Bono said the rule makes sense in college, where the kickers don't have as strong of legs, but that in the pros, kickers are more able to manipulate the ball and force a return. Coach Bono made a couple of suggestions for what to do, suggesting that kickoffs should be lined up more like punt returns, and that kickoff-specific balls should be taken out of the game. The entire interview can be read at the above link.