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NFL Draft: Scouting report for Jordan Williams

Two years ago, Jordan Williams looked to be Ball State's next big NFL star. He still has a chance, but injuries and struggles have narrowed his window.

Caylor Arnold-USA TODAY Sports

It wasn't too long ago when we thought Jordan Williams would be a breakout NFL star. I mean, all you had to do was look at his numbers.

As a redshirt freshman, Williams put up over 1,000 receiving yards, and caught nearly 100 passes. Although injuries, and early season struggles stopped J-Will from playing to his full potential.

Last season, Williams struggled with Jack Milas under center, but flourished to near his old numbers with freshman Riley Neal at the quarterback spot. In a huge loss to Texas A&M, Williams only pulled down two catches, with one coming in the game's first possession, and making up for most of yards he accumulated as well.

In Neal's first full game versus Northwestern, it was easy to sense that both were comfortable with each other, and that Neal would use Williams' experience to help him settle his feet in Division I football.As the season went on, Williams reemerged as his old self, putting up 100 yards of receiving or more in three straight ball games.

However, that's when defenses began to figure out the connection between the two. After a mid-season loss to Northern Illinois, not once to Williams manage to put more than 78 yards in a game.

Arguably, one of Williams' best traits was his ability to pull down and compete for jump balls. In the air, his height at 6-foot-2 and 33.5-inch vertical were often no match for some of the MAC's best defensive backs. At first, this was one of the reasons Neal liked to target him so much: Throw it in his area, and there's a chance Williams is coming down with the ball.

At times, especially during his last two seasons, it seemed Williams wasn't the best wideout in a Cardinal-colored uniform. Often, KeVonn Mabon managed to outplay Williams and steal the spotlight.

Williams will likely be a later draft pick, or he will go undrafted, but he does have a professional future if he works for it. He's already a skilled wide out, and there will be a team that will give him a shot as a developmental prospect with the opportunity of  long-term success on football's biggest stage.