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Introducing Alan Rucker, the new fearless leader of Hustle Belt

He'll officially begin on Saturday the 16th; please give @AlanRucker & @OverThePylon a follow in the meanwhile!

As many of you know, I've made the decision to step down as Hustle Belt's managing editor. Again, thanks to everybody that granted me with your kind words, even in silent. But moving on, we're bringing in a new face to the Hustle Belt family and we're all extremely excited to bring him on.

Effective Saturday, April 16, Alan Rucker will be stepping in as the site manager. Readers of MAC blogs oughta recognize him from, the independent Ball State Cardinals blog. Alan has been a good friend of the Belt for a few years and we expect this move should be a painless process to everybody's benefit. I have no doubt that he's going to transition into the role just fine and we can continue to call this blog the best Mid-American Conference site the internet has to offer.

This is an exciting time for the site, and I hope you're all excited for this change to happen soon. He'll introduce himself formally on here this weekend, but until then, please give Alan a premature welcome and congrats on his newly-accepted duties of being Hustle Belt's fourth site manager!