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NFL Draft: Scouting Report for Blake Frohnapfel

The gaudy quarterback from Massachusetts could make a splash late in this year's draft.

Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

Massachusetts might not be a MAC squad any longer but we'll gladly lay claim to Blake Frohnapfel and his big arm that could make him a draft pick.

The near 6'6" 240 lb. quarterback enjoyed the type of success that made him worthy of his twitter name. Though Frohnapfel only tossed 16 interceptions this year, he did nearly reach 3,000 yards through the air and did so in 2014. His size, arm strength and speed will be a few things that teams will look favorably upon. His 4.75 40-yard dash time shouldn't surprise too many folks who saw him scamper for some nice gains here and there. He would make a really decent pick for a team that needs quarterback depth and can work with him a few years to develop.

A few knocks on Frohnapfel. His footwork has been pegged a few times as being not-so-excellent. Accuracy troubles were a thing. He threw some picks in some crucial times and notably in the red zone. Stared down a few receivers in his time. Another thing, his delivery is slooooowwwww. Certainly that is something that he is working on nonstop as of late.

Maybe we'll see him on one of these teams.

The Patriots have two seventh round picks and could be looking for a quarterback later in the draft. Maybe the Pats go with a "hometown" kid? He has met with Detroit too.

Below is some quick-hitting analysis of his day vs. Notre Dame this past fall.

A small bit of analysis of this film.

Makes a nice throw early on: 2:04.

Puts a long ball only in a place where his guy has a chance at it. Doesn't hurt when the guy going for the ball is Tajae Sharpe. Slightly overshoots. Does so under pressure: 2:51.

4:33. Also: 4:33.

At 5:47 you'll see him really overshoot his receiver.

You have to like QB's who can step up and deliver a rocket accurately like this at 6:12. Have seen some draft experts experts knock his footwork and that includes when stepping up in the pocket.

Another (6:30 mark) example of overthrows that helped contribute to his interception troubles this year. He did throw 13 interceptions after all.

You have to like strong confident throws on the run to the sideline like this at 9:19. He has a strong arm, but hasn't necessarily shown a ton of accuracy on intermediate throws to the sideline.

Don't like being overly-reliant on one receiver (like UMass could be with Tajae Sharpe) and you see him throw (9:44) even with a safety helping over the top.

The Sporting News' Ron Clements even picked Frohnapfel and Tajae Sharpe as sleeper picks in the draft. CBS has Frohnapfel at 25th on its board of QB's.

Raekwon Gilbert of had this to say in praise of Frohnapfel.

His ability to feel the field with his eyes and feel pressure around him is kinda special. Not saying that he’s elite as Andrew Luck was while in the pocket but he does do a great job of utilizing his size and eyes against his opponents well.

This piece from ESPN suggests some other teams and their prospects relative to QB need.

If Frosted Blakes does get drafted, it'll probably happen in the seventh round. What say you hustlers? What is Frohnapfel's appeal as a pro?