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Juwan Brescacin, Dillon Guy selected in 2016 CFL Draft

They might not have made the NFL, but the CFL will do just as well for these two MAC products.

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

While you were asleep or watching Steph Curry completely demolish the Portland Trailblazers single-handedly, there was a football draft going on in America's Hat last night.

Two MAC products were selected during the 2016 Canadian Football League Draft, which was primarily made up of Canadian university products.

Juwan Brescacin, a wide receiver out of Northern Illinois, was drafted by the Calgary Stampede 15th overall in the second round. Brescacin, a native of Alberta province, had 99 career receptions for 1,465 yards and 13 touchdowns. 2015 was a down year for Brescacin after two breakout years from 2013-2014. Kenny Golladay, the NDSU transfer, emerged as a primary target in 2015, but Brescacin was still productive, using his 6'4", 230 lbs. frame to haul in 24 receptions for 298 yards and one touchdown.

Dillon Guy, an offensive lineman out of University at Buffalo, was drafted by the British Columbia Lions 30th overall in the fourth round. The Ontario native was a stalwart on the Bulls O-Line, playing 12 games and starting five in the 2013 Bowl Season. Guy, who missed 2014 with a leg injury, tabbed 31 appearances and 13 starts on his career.

The CFL season starts on June 23rd, with Brescacin and Guy both playing against one another in their potential CFL debut on June 25th, when Calgary visits British Columbia. Select games can be viewed on ESPN3.