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#MACtion Tweet Beat

The best tweets of the week for MACtion related festivities

The hallmark of HustleBelt and of the MAC in general is the hot tasty MACtion that comes to the forefront. With the advent of the interwebs and the Twitter machines, it's easy to keep in contact with MACtion fans the world over by using the hashtag #MACtion on Twitter, where we will then find it, celebrate it, and tell you the top MACtion-related goings on each week. It's the Hustle Belt #MACtion Tweet Beat!

Who doesn't love some Duran Duran?!

MACtion cookies?!?! I. Must. Have. These.

Yes. Yes, it does.

Probably not the most used topic for Snapchat, but I'd pay to see PJ Fleck throwing up rainbows. And you would, too.

The women's basketball brain trust.

Your tweets could be featured in an upcoming TweetBeat! Use the hashtag #MACtion or tweet us @HustleBelt!