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MAC Morning Dump: MAC News, lukewarm takes

Ball State needs a president, Draymond Green needs a suspension.

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Good morning MAC fans, have some lukewarm takes:

Draymond Green should've been suspended because I'm a Phoenix Suns fan and I'm still sour over what happened in 2007.

Mike Trout was always a better player than Bryce Harper. The discussion sports fans had in the first month of the season was absurd, but at least we've had a return to normalcy.

This guy got slammed by SJWs on Twitter for suggesting that the new Ghostbusters movie will be terrible, but how would you bet your money?

And have some MAC news:

Ball State continues to search for new president

Ball State is reaching out to the public for some input regarding the hiring of a new university president. Monday night's forum at the Alumni Center was the seventh since Paul Ferguson unexpectedly left his post in January of this year. Controversy has surrounded Ball State since Ferguson's departure, and it's all getting a little embarrassing, and we alumni would all like this to get resolved sooner rather than later. Thanks in advance.

Central Michigan jacks up tuition

It's actually not that bad. CMU will be increasing tuition by 2.5 percent for the 2016-17 school year, moving the cost of a credit hour from $395 to $405. Tuition increases at Central are still significantly below any of the 14 other public institutions in Michigan across the last six years. To put this in perspective, state funds only provide for CMU to operate 61 days out of the year (according to CMU).

Abi Olajuwon hired as assistant at Eastern Michigan

Yes, of those Olajuwons. Abi is The Dream's daughter and comes from Cal State-Fullerton where she spent the last two seasons. Olajuwon played pro ball for three seasons after graduating from Oklahoma. She helped lead the Sooners to the Final Four in 2009 and 2010. Here Abi talks about her trip to the Final Four, and because I can't resist, the best of Hakeem.

Larry Hunter named to Ohio Basketball Hall of Fame

Ohio University kicked Hunter to the curb in 2001, but not before he racked up 204 wins, second most in school history. The Bobcats had just one losing season under Hunter and in 1994 he was named MAC Coach of the Year. He just finished his 11th season at Western Carolina where he's compiled a record of 171-188.