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MAC Morning Dump: Remember when they were the Miami Redskins?

The MAC news and notes you may have missed

NCAA Football: Miami (Ohio) at Northern Illinois Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Remember when they weren't the RedHawks?

There's a lot of ho-humming going on involving the professional football team in Washington and their team name. Recently, The Washington Post published a piece about how 90 percent of the Native Americans they polled weren't offended by the phrase "redskin". There's plenty to debate about the cruddy way of the Post conducing that, but let's hop in the Way Back machine to when Miami University had Redskins as their mascot. (1972)

When you put our Indian dancer in context with his peers -- a grotesque, prancing, Bowling Green Falcon and Ohio's silly "male and female bobcats" -- it is hard to see how a dignified portrayal of Indian culture is possible.

It may be possible to remove the "savage" stereotype from the dancer, but I doubt that it can be done successfully, and I think we would be better off without the symbol.

Maurice Clarett visits EMU football

Clarett has been speaking to college football teams a lot lately. Just the other day, he came to Ypsilanti to visit Eastern Michigan's squad as Chris Creighton and his staff has been bringing in various speakers to talk to the team.


This has nothing to do with #MACtion, but you just gotta see this. Bat flips can be crude, sure. This is crude, but it didn't happen to me, therefore, it's hilarious to watch.

More not #MACtion

Have a great holiday weekend!