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Hustle Belt Morning Dump: NBA Finals, Indy 500, Baylor Implosion

Your one stop shop for the news and notes you may have missed

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

I will freely admit that this will not make me any more popular in my current state of Indiana, but I have no idea what the draw is to the Indianapolis 500. I don't question it's existence, I don't question it's watchability (on tv, assuming you don't live in the Indy metro where it's usually blacked out except this year it isn't), I don't question that there is a ton of history. I do question the lofty place that native Hoosiers place the Indy 500, because frankly, it's the worst.

As a native Kentuckian, I grasp the concept of racing taking over the state. For two minutes in May, Louisville is the center of the sports world and it is an absolute event to be a part of. The Derby is two minutes, full of celebrities, you gamble and drink, and the blight of the event (the infield) is encircled with a mile-long track with class abounding on the other side.

For Indy, there's no seersucker suits, no legal gambling, it's two and a half hours, and that aforementioned infield blight is more than twice as large. Oh, did I mention there's an electronic music festival that occurs in the infield as part of the festive day's events in Indy? Break out the glowsticks and rage, I suppose. The worst. The absolute worst.

Perhaps my ambivalence about the Indianapolis 500 is a result of the power split that happened a few years ago. The whole Indy Car vs. Northern Lights schism that occurred trashed the sport and robbed it of stars, interest, and eyeballs. Racer magazine says this year, the 100th running of the 500 and with all the drama in the rearview mirror, is Indy's chance to rebound. It's make or break with people like me, and I'd say that's a very accurate assessment.

But, whether you love or loathe the festivities masquerading as appointment viewing in Indianapolis today, there's news and notes to know. Since our MAC schools are wrapping up competition for this year our news and notes shifts to a more national purview of what you need to know as an educated sports fan and Hustle Belt aficionado. Off we go...

Warriors Win Thriller, Force Game 7 | SBNation
Remember all that talk about Golden State being paper tigers who couldn't win the big win unless the Splash brothers scored some ridiculous total? Let's go ahead and put that on ice for a couple days just to see how this thing tunes out.

Indy 500 Start Time, Starting Grid | SBNation
In case you, like me, do not consider today's race the alpha and omega of your sporting interests, it might be wise to check out the details of today's race.

Baylor's Fall Keeps on Coming | SBNation
It's amazing to me that the firing of a coach, sanctioning of an AD, a disintegrating recruiting class, and the power structure detonation on the university level isn't the real emotional lede anyway. That's how massive and just bewildering this whole thing is.

Real Madrid wins Champions League | SBNation
Apparently, penalty kicks to decide a major soccer outcome is frowned on. I love them, but that is likely why I am a casual fan at best, who watches only World Cup and roots for America without any knowledge of soccer, other teams, or strategy. WOOOOO!!! AMERICA!!