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Hustle Belt Morning Dump: Baseball regionals, Indy, jet ski passes

Your one stop shop for the sports news and notes you may have missed

Alex Wong/Getty Images

I'm sure most of you are looking forward to the day off work, perhaps the barbecues that have either occurred already or are scheduled for this afternoon, but I hope that each of you takes a minute among the hustle and bustle to remember why today is a holiday. Honoring those who gave their lives to protect our freedom should be an all the time thing, but it is especially poignant and purposeful on this, the day we take to honor those who paid the ultimate sacrifice.

I am blessed to have had a fair number of family members serve in our armed forces, and thankfully none perished while doing so. However, many families haven't been so lucky. From all of us at Hustle Belt, I want to say thank you to the men and women who have died while protecting this country allowing us the freedom that we all enjoy. And what better way to celebrate that freedom than by catching up on the news and notes you may have missed. Off we go...

NCAA Baseball Host Sites Announced | Baseball America
Western Michigan finds out at noon where it's headed. The answer is to one of these sites. Hope for Louisville, I suppose.

NFL Rookes Use Draft Fall as Motivation | SBNation
There's lots of ways people motivate themselves, like when I allow myself one more beer if I don't throw up. This is similar but different.

Big 12 QBs Throw Passes to Jet Skis | SBNation
The next time someone tells you there's really no difference between a power five conference QB talent pool and others, just go ahead and show them this.

Rossi Wins the Indy 500 | SBNation
Even as an Indy 500 lukewarm supporter (at best), it was an enjoyable day of racing.