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Hustle Belt Morning Dump: Are the Thunder losers?

All the news and notes you may have missed

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I am admittedly not an NBA fan until it gets down to the wire in the playoffs. I'd say we are there. The storylines of this playoff season abound, but with the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers set to square off in the NBA Finals, who does the casual (at best) fan root for?

There's the best-player-in-the-game-who-plays-for-his-hometown anthem with Lebron versus the not-the-textbook-player-SHOOT-IT-FROM-ANYWHERE approach of the Golden State Warriors. These are strange times for the ambivalent sports fan. There really are no villains, and both teams are pretty fun to watch. It's like a Sophie's Choice of Sport and one with which I'm not comfortable.

I need the villain. I need the black hat. I need the bad guy. How am I supposed to be a contrarian who roots for the unpopular option if both options are popular?!? Riddle me that, Adam Silver! So instead, I guess I'll just have to watch the NBA Finals and enjoy it. This is foreign to me. I'm in uncharted waters. On to the news and notes...

WBB: Ohio Set to Dominate the MAC Again | The Athens Post
It's never too early to look ahead to roundball, so let's do that. The Athens Post says hometown Ohio is making sure the rest of the MAC may be playing for second place this coming winter.

Lee Earns GCAA All-Midwest Region Honor | NIUHuskies
Joo-Young Lee took home the honor, the first time NIU has had a golfer win that award.

Tommylee Lewis Looks to Make Special Teams Splash | WhoDatDish
The NIU alum looks to find a role for the Saints, which is quickly becoming the MAC South.

The Thunder Lost but Aren't Losers | SBNation
A tremendous game and a tremendous series, and immediate questions for the Thunder. Remember the folks who said Billy Donovan couldn't coach at the professional level? Yeah, that was a little shortsighted.