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Why I’m a Fan of MACtion: An Introduction

What makes a MAC fan a MAC fan?

MAC Logo on White Background (Cropped Better)

Follow the Mid-American Conference or one of its member institutions long enough, and you’ll get one question more frequently than any other: “Why?”. It’s a valid question, really. The differences between MAC institutions and the blue blood programs of the larger conferences is tremendous. But yet, here we are, supporting, trumpeting, and loving that which has come to be known as MACtion.

Over the next week, you’ll hear from our staff the reasons that make MAC fandom a part of each and every one of us. Sure, we’re the vocal ones that run a Mid-American Conference home on SBNation, but there are countless others who are just as fanatical, just as connected, just as passionate about everything from Wednesday night football, ESPN3 streams as a way of life, and believing that Cinderella exists every time a Kent State makes it to Omaha, a Northern Illinois makes it to a BCS bowl game, a Ball State upsets Tennessee in the women’s basketball tourney, or a Chippewa gets drafted number one overall.

Some of these stories will make you laugh while some will make you think, but the one thing that all will do is shed some light on that age-old question of “Why are you a fan of a school like <insert MAC member institution here>?”. Our conference may be small and our schools not move the needle of the collegiate athletic landscape, but our passion, fire, and support rivals the larger schools if not exceeds it outright.

As we discuss our fandom, feel free to do the same. The comment section or FanPosts work wonders as a way to join in.