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Conference Realignment Auction: Introducing the PAC-12 Plus

No, not the TV network. Just the west coast's best teams for the best prices.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

My goal when coming in to this exercise was to create the best conference for the cheapest price. Although James scored his teams for dirt-cheap prices, he got dirt-cheap teams in return. (You'll get to see his set-up later.) My teams are top quality for the price. Anyway, enough about making deals. Let me show you who we are:

Quick Facts

Name: Pac-12 Plus

Northernmost School: Gonzaga (by a hair over Eastern Washington and North Dakota State).

Southernmost School: Texas A&M

Easternmost School: Purdue

Westernmost School: Oregon State

Football Championship Venue: CenturyLink Field, Seattle, Washington

Basketball Championship Venue: Key Arena, Seattle, Washington

Introducing.... the Pac-12 Plus:

Purdue Northwestern
Arizona State Washington State
Gonzaga Oregon State
Boise State Texas A&M
Long Beach State UC Santa Barbara
Eastern Washington Wyoming
North Dakota State

Sam's Conference Map. Sad! James H. Jimenez

How it'll all go down

Two words: no divisions.

Play different squads every year besides for a single, built-in rivalry.

All teams will house football, and the conference schedule will be a round-robin random selection of opponents in every season. The only rule is that a school cannot play the same team three years in a row for football. (i.e.: Wyoming vs. NDSU cannot be scheduled for three straight years. Two is okay.)

Basketball will have similar rules. Each team plays each other once, with random teams playing each other twice. For scheduling purposes, no teams can play each other twice for three years in a row. (i.e.: Wyoming vs. NDSU can't play six times in three years.)

The Conference

When I started on this long journey of conference building, I didn't really know where to begin. But as teams started on the board, my mission became simple: Find the best teams for the best prices. As I began to win teams, I focused in on the West Coast. It seemed like forgotten land. As the others were bidding up prices on Texas and West Virginia, I settled in and stole Long Beach State for just a buck!

As time went on, I focused on teams the Pac-12 either has, or arguably should have. I will admit, there are a few outliers. Purdue doesn't fit the mold the best, and neither does NDSU. But the Bison are ready for the FBS level. They've won too much. Taking my love for the English-football tier-system, it's time for North Dakota State to find their way to the top. Eastern Washington fits that bill as well. Good enough for the jump on up. Basketball is the only problem, but we do well with prepared squads in Purdue, Arizona State, Oregon State, Gonzaga and Long Beach State.

Speaking of the 49ers, I love the pick. Long Beach State is always near the top of the Big West, and it's time to see how they fare with bigger teams. Gonzaga as well. They're more than ready and you know it!

You might be wondering, where is the MAC school? Not here. I had Bowling Green, but I gladly swapped them for a better fit in Purdue (a bit more West). Fun fact: I live in Northwest Indiana, and all but of these teams lives West of me. Boise State, Northwestern and Texas A&M round off my solid conference.

Feel free to tell me your feeling on the conference. Love it? Hate it (that's okay!)? Drop me a line below.