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John Calipari is having a worse day than you are

Pants down, shoes off, and no video? Come on, folks

Next time cinch up the belt, Coach
Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

It’s not a secret here at the Belt that since I’ve taken over command, there is considerably more University of Kentucky related news, notes, and random things that may pop up on our social media, the site, and wherever else we may call home. It’s the curse of being a Kentucky fan: it permeates your entire existence.

And with that permeation comes worshiping at the altar of our commander in chief: John Calipari. But before you go thinking that it must be great to be the chief of that tribe and sit on the throne of college athletics as Coach Cal does, remember this little nugget:

Isn’t that the way life is? You’re just shuffling along until your pants fall off, the hole in your sock shows, and then they ask you to leave the Pizza Hut buffet. It gets easier, Coach Cal, or maybe you just get used to it. But life goes on. Chin up, buck-o. Airports suck for us all, even the best coach in the game.