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Hustle Belt Daily Dump: Deaths, Fakes, and Burger Burritos

All the news and notes you may have missed, on Bill Hader's 38th birthday

SNL 40th Anniversary Celebration Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images

There's an old adage that you think the Saturday Night Live cast of your college years is what you will always consider to be the benchmark of humor and "the best of the casts" as you grow old and cynical. For me, the exception to that rule is Bill Hader, today's birthday boy at the ripe old age of 38. He came after my college years, but he brought it. Week in and week out.

Whether you are familiar with him as Lindsey Buckingham on "What's Up With That?", Stefon, or perhaps the greatest character created, war vet Anthony Peter Coleman, odds are you've enjoyed a chuckle or two at Hader's expense, like this:

ALF was awesome. Glad to see he's doing well. Hader has also had a fairly notable film career with appearances in Forgetting Sarah Marshall and a bunch of kids movies and Pixar deals. Skipped those, but did see Trainwreck, another good movie (surprisingly so).

So happy birthday to Bill Hader and now for the news and notes...

Kimbo Slice Dead at 42 | MMAMania

This year has been absolutely brutal for celebrities. First Prince, then Muhammed Ali, now Kimbo Slice who is for sure overshadowed by the first two. I am nowhere close to an MMA expert, but Slice's fights were always enjoyable including the backyard variety. Rest in peace.

Roger Goodell Not Dead at All | SBNation

When Twitter says you're dead, take it with a grain of salt. The NFL's twitter machine told everyone that Goodell had passed away today. He hadn't. Hilarity did not ensue. If I ever get to the point where I get my jollies hacking into someone's Twitter and launching a "They died" kind of thing, I hope someone beats the brakes off me.

BSU Alum Patrick Wilkes-Krier Qualifies for US Open | BallStateSports

Looking for someone to root for in the US Open? Get your MACtion on with former Ball State Cardinal Patrick Wilkes-Krier. Let's all hope he doesn't pull a Tin Cup and fire a 12 on the final hole. Though holing out from the fairway and then again with Renee Russo in the camper was pretty sweet.

Finally, today, we leave you with what is either going to be the best news of your week or leave you wanting to firebomb the nearest Burger King so that this demon hellspawn never surfaces in your neck of the woods. As it stands, though, our MAC footprint, specifically Ohio, is going to be seeing these in their nearest BK. Gird your loins and batten down the hatches, boys.

I hate it and I want one. I am not a good person.