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HB Afternoon Dump: The Donald, Riley Neal, and Pimple Cupcakes

Make your daily dump great again

Republican National Convention: Day Four Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

It’s Friday and you’re at your desk looking to screw off for the next thirty minutes or so until you can clock out, go home, binge drink, and catch up on DVR. Oh wait, that’s my Friday. But you may find yourself in a similar predicament needing to fill some space with something other than work. So, our Friday news and notes come at you at the end of the day.

The world is abuzz with political news after whatever that was in Cleveland this week has now wrapped up. This isn’t the place to find your blazing hot takes about plagiarism and wasted confetti money, because my hot take tank is empty after today’s EMU premium seating article. But the fire that came from the $1600 EMU mesh seat evaluation did open my eyes that an angry fanbase is still a committed fanbase and it beats the heck out of an apathetic one.

Say what you will about the candidates that are running and their strengths and weaknesses, but it has generated conversation and interest that otherwise wouldn’t be there. I have worked with young people and I have worked in politics, and for the most part, nary the two shall meet. But this election cycle is changing the game in more ways than one. Non-traditional candidates, non-traditional genders, non-traditional things galore are the color of 2016. And whatever the outcome, at least people are paying attention, same with the $1600 EMU seating options. Make Ypsilanti Great Again!

On to the news and notes...

Top 25 2016 Breakout QBs | AthlonSports
Oh hey, it’s Ball Stater Riley Neal clocking in at #19, and you know they didn’t do it for the page clicks. Neal’s newly coined nickname “The Real Deal” stands to get a boost from his current nickname of “Riley” if this comes to pass. I feel like we can do better than “Real Deal”, though. Just spitballin’ here.

Western Michigan Preview | Inside NU
Our blog buddies at Inside NU, the Northwestern themed SBNation site, have a write up and preview piece of WMU published this week. If you fancy yourself a Bronco fan, row your boat over there and offer some perspective. Plus, Fitz, your friendly neighborhood Hustle Belter was a contributor. So there’s that.

CFB Playoff Puts MAC on Life Support | Campus Pressbox
Cole Hankins contends that with the playoff, the MAC can’t compete in money or attention and is on the verge of collapse. I would counter that the MAC has never been able to compete with the blue chip top tier programs and what they choose to do doesn’t really impact the MAC at all. But that’s just me. Still an interesting and different perspective for the MAC fan to know.

Kentucky to Open with Toledo in 2019 | ASeaOfBlue
We told you that the Rockets were taking a special delivery of MACtion to SEC country, but here’s what our SBNation Big Blue brethren have to say.

A Baker Invented Pimple Cupcakes to Pop | Buzzfeed
At some point, there are going to be anthropologists or alien races that have to backtrack and figure out where our entire society went wrong and what was to blame. The answer to that question is 2016 and pimple cupcakes that pop and ooze when you squeeze them. First Pokemon Go! then this. Go ahead and shut ‘er down, folks. It’s been a good run.