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HB Daily Dump: Olympic Slums and Big 12 Open Doors

World class athletes may be living in world class filth in Rio

Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images

Man, summer Sundays are the absolute worst. In the fall you get to catch up on the late night Saturday football that you may have missed or ready yourself for the NFL action yet to come. If you’re lucky, that includes some mid-day boozin’ and perhaps ingesting your bodyweight in chicken wings. I don’t know, I’m not judging, you do you. Winter Sundays are not bad either, as we cross over from football to basketball. Up through early April there’s always something going on. Plus, the weather is starting to look up and you can finally get back out on the golf course.

But then comes summer in all its terribleness. There’s no real sports of note (save for a way too long 162 game season of baseball or the WNBA), your favorite television shows are on break, football news and notes comes out at a snail’s pace, and the weather. OH MY GOD THE WEATHER. Call me a baby, but this heat has absolutely got to go. You walk outside and you feel like you are standing on the sun. If I could, I would move to the north pole and live with polar bears and Santa right up until Al Gore tells me that the ice caps are finally gone. It hit 100 degrees in Kentucky yesterday and I felt like I was in Iraq. If this heat dome were a man, I’d punch him in the face.

But there is light at the end of the oppressive temperature tunnel, friends. Soon enough, we’ll have a chill in the air, an Octoberfest in our hands, and our Sundays can get back to normal. Why? BECAUSE FOOTBALL IS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER. SQUEEEEEEEEEEE! On to the news and notes...

UMass Should be Ready to Pounce on Conference Expansion | MassLive
Remember those guys that used to hang out at the MAC family picnic and then all of a sudden took their potato salad and left in a huff? Yeah, it was UMass, and now with the Big 12 openly talking about expanding, there is a thought that trickle-down effects could benefit the Minutemen namely in the form of the AAC. Oh, UMass.

Big 12 Opens Doors for Buffalo | Buffalo Business First
But wait, UMass, because Buffalo would also like some of that sweet sweet AAC action. Though careful to point out that this is a big maybe and part of a bunch of other dominos that would need to fall, there is sentiment in upstate NY that perhaps the Bulls might be a candidate to fill the spaces left.

WMU Gymnastics Excels in Classroom | WMUBroncos
When you post the 5th highest team GPA in the country, you get celebrated, I don’t care what sport you play. It’s a testament to the resolve of the athletes and something that I hope WMU and their fans, really the entire MAC, is proud of.

Michael Haywood to Revive Texas Southern | Bastrop Daily Enterprise
Michael Haywood looked to be the next great coach to start his career at Miami, after leading the RedHawks to a MAC title a year after a 1-11 campaign. Then his meteoric rise was countered with a catastrophic fall after being arrested and charged (later dismissed) for felony domestic violence. This is the update on where he is now and how quickly life can change.

Olympic Village ‘Uninhabitable’ in Rio | SBNation
Why anyone would want their country to host the Olympics is beyond me. Every country that hosts either loses their ass financially or creates the next great photojournalism piece of abandoned buildings and venues, most of the time both in one fell swoop. Can’t we just have the Olympics at the same place every year with the infrastructure to handle it? USA! USA! USA!