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Mid-American Conference Preseason Media Poll Released

But Fearless Leader high on the Zips

It’s Media Day in Detroit for the Mid-American Conference and the results of the media poll have been released. Feast your eyes on this....

Team (First Place Votes) Points

MAC East Division
1. Bowling Green (12) 136
2. Ohio (10) 134
3. Akron (4) 107
4. Buffalo 75
5. Miami 52
6. Kent State 42

MAC West Division
1. Western Michigan (19) 144
2. Toledo (2) 113
3. Northern Illinois (3) 112
4. Central Michigan (2) 98
5. Ball State 44
6. Eastern Michigan 35

2016 MAC Championship Game Winner: Western Michigan (19); Toledo (2); Northern Illinois (2); Central Michigan (1); Bowling Green (1); Akron (1).

The Hustle Belt editorial staff’s picks as a whole can be found here. Couple of flip flops (NIU/Toledo and BG/Ohio) but everything else is right in lockstep. I cast my ballot (the same for both) as:

MAC West Division (rank first to last):
1. Northern Illinois
2. Western Michigan
3. Toledo
4. Central Michigan
5. Ball State
6. Eastern Michigan

MAC East Division (rank first to last):
1. Akron
2. Ohio
3. Bowling Green
4. Kent State
5. Buffalo
6. Miami

So as you can see, I did not rank my Fighting Football Cardinals too high, didn’t slurp up the WMU Kool Aid with the rest of the Belt staff, am high on Akron, and still believe it’s NIU’s division until someone knocks them off. I’m the best and can be lauded as such @AlanRucker on the Twitter machines.

In a shocking twist, I did pick Akron over NIU in the MAC Championship game. So I’m counting on Zips swag showing up at my office. Come on Akron, I’ve seen your new stadium. You guys are good for it.