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Hustle Belt Morning Dump: Happy Independence Day, USA!

Release the FREEDOM memes America, it's your day today.

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

(I wanted to use a picture of our MACssiah Jordan Lynch in those NIU Hero jerseys, but alas, Getty Images is down.)

Happy Independence Day, ya'll! It's a truly amazing day in the United States' history, as we celebrate the 240th birthday of the nation.

No one ever thought that our forefathers would ever get this far, taking a rag-tag confederation of states and turning it into a fully-functioning country. During the Civil War, many other countries stayed away, uncertain of if the Union could survive. In the 1900's, the United States twice helped the world be saved from unspeakable evils. Now, the United States is considered a superpower in international politics and home to a truly free people.

This isn't to say America is perfect; there are still problems that we face every day at all levels. When you have such a diverse nation of people that aim for representation and a voice, there will always be argumentation and debate. Ultimately though, that is the beauty of our representative republic; there's always the opportunity for change.

So, take up a hamburger or a hot dog. Grab your favorite beer. Find your best family and friends, and for one day, take in the sheer beauty of the nation, revel in the beautiful experiment that is America, and allow yourself time to reflect on the sacrifice and ingenuity it took for us to get here today as you watch the rocket's red glare.

This is our day, America. We best take advantage of it.


Here's a look at how some of our MAC schools are celebrating 4th of July on Twitter!


How could I not pull up Bill Pullman's speech from Independence Day for today? Enjoy!